Science Doesn’t care (about your feelings)

I know I know I know, I’ve been out for a while. had a lot of things going on in my life. God a new job, moved to a new state, stuff stuff stuff happened. ya know how it is. At any rate, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Youtube and Facebook and finding a rather disturbing trend starting to rear it’s ugly head. It’s the science of feelings. no not psychology, or psychiatry even. No no no, those would be too nice and reasonable and normal. I’m talking about the worst case of feelings science.


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Now  I’m of the mindset that as long as you’re not hurting anyone and it’s not illegal… go ahead. It’s none of my business in general. But this has gotten to the point that it’s infecting others in the world and it seriously needs to stop. “But Cannibal…” I’m going to stop you right there. No, I don’t give a shit about anybody’s feelings and neither does science. So you just sit there and drag your eyes along this here post and get you some learnin’.

The thing that finally pushed me into writing this was a video coming from the lovely(ish… I think? Probably not) land of Cape Town university in…  Cape Town. It’s probably no the ACTUAL  name of the university but I don’t care and it’s not super important. Essentially the article title said that people think that science is racist and should be shut down”….. hu?” EXACTLY! One of the greatest things about science is it ISN’T RACIST! Gravity doesn’t care what color your skin is. Gravity is gravity no matter what! light works the same for everything regardless of your cultural background.


This is not a thing…


In the ancient times many Scandinavians believed that a solar eclipse was a giant wolf eating the sun and if they yelled enough they could scare off the wolf and the sun would return. Granted… that does sound pretty awesome, but it’s not true! We know what a solar eclipse is and it’s totes not a giant sky wolf running around eating stars



Why do we know that’s crazy today? SCIENCE!!! In the video I watched from the Cape Town college it was a group of students addressing the science faculties. In their argument they said that in a certain part of Africa, they believe that you can use magic to make a lightning bolt hit someone. then she asked the science guy how to explain ti scientifically to which he replied “you can’t” and they started to lose their minds.

Now I will fully admit that there are things that science can’t explain right now and that’s totally fine! Science isn’t the be all end all of everything. Science used to think that the earth was flat, but then more science happened and they said “um.. so yeah, ya know all that stuff we said about the earth being flat? It’ actually round AF.” and that’s AWESOME! Science isn’t somebodies opinion. It may start out that way but then the rest of science is like “hey, maybe we should look into this whole raspberries will explode if you dunk them in warm water thing” then they go and dunk raspberries into warm water, see that they don’t explode and say “yeah, we did the whole dunking raspberries in warm water thing and they didn’t explode. We even tossed them in, pushed them in, set them in, tied them to a rock and sank them in, poured the water over them… no explodies…. they don’t do that.” And then we all learn something! And on the other side of science some guy has a bowl of super heated oil, minding his own business, tosses a frozen turkey in it and BAM! the whole thing explodes. Then the rest of science gets together and says “we should figure that out. So they get some super hot oil in a big pot and start tossing stuff in. frozen turkeys, thawed turkeys, see that only the frozen one exploded and say “hmmmm”. then just try ice in the oil and BLAM! explosion and they say with singed eyebrows and charred flesh. “It’s the ice… ice and super hot oil do NOT get along….”


The student in the video made the point that it’s unfair that newton saw the apple fall from the tree, make some equations and then the whole world has to follow his theory of gravity… I’m serious, she said that. She even went so far as to say things like (paraphrased) “people who have never met newton, never seen him or know of him now have to follow his law of gravity” Like he personally went up to the universe, God, Allah,  Neil Degrasse Tyson and just tossed them his made up math and said “here ya go.. this is gravity now. use it bitches.”


I’m sure that’s how it went down….

no! he did tons of math, scratched his balls a few times… did some more math. took it to other people who knew math, they tried it out. Agreed, he told the world (as best he could at the time) and the other people around the world (that saw it) tried it out too and it WORKED! So they said “Yeah, this seems cool. We’ll use this for the rest of time until proven wrong” that’s how science works people! you don’t get to just run around all willy nilly and decide that science isn’t true because you’re a moron who doesn’t get it. I don’t understand math very well. that doesn’t mean that when someone says to me “the square root of 33 is 5.74 blah blah blah” I don’t get to say “nope! the square root of 33 is root beer and tree waffles because I feel like it”. ya know who does that crap? kids! They PRETEND to be super heroes or whatever and one kid says “bang! your dead” and the other one says “NU UH!! I have on a super protective armor that makes me invisible (they meant invincible but they’re dumb kids, what can you do?). I’m actually over there” and when the first kid looks over, the second kid punches them in the throat and runs off… It’s make believe, it’s not real, it’s not science!

And the thing that really got the ball rolling on this post wasn’t even the science thing It’s a few other things that aren’t quite related enough to put in this post so I’ll have to make new ones for those too! (I know you’re all super excited to read those). Geez people… come on… can we please not revert back to the dark ages where we try to drown a woman with the criteria of “If she swims she’s a witch and we’ll chop her head off. if she drowns… oops”….. I’m seriously getting to the point where I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


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