Don’t just look but see something.

It’s a  phrase in my family that my dad used to say all the time. I’ll admit that I didn’t understand it’s meaning for a long time. Though it wasn’t until the time that he started teaching me to drive that I began to truly see it’s meaning. “Whoa whoa whoa.. Dude, you can’t just bail on us and then show back up like… months later! Cannibal, where have you been?!” Oh, that’s odd. I didn’t know that the title of this blog post was “where I’ve been for the last… months. Maybe because it’s NOT! So sit down and in the words of mr Freeze… “chill”



Now back to what I was saying…. OH YEAH! driving. So anyways, When he started teaching me how to drive he taught me to look around and see what was happening. And of course by “taught” I of course mean “pounded it into my thick skull (verbally) like a giant jackhammer a hokey batman villain would use”. He taught me to look at the wheels of cars to see if it were moving (a pretty funny story attached to that tid bit. I’ll tell you later), to look far down the road at things that MIGHT become an issue later and to look through trees and bushes for vehicles that might be approaching from a side street (because vehicles hide in foliage like tiny woodland creatures. That’s legit, my pa taught me that!).

SHH SHH! He's coming...

SHH SHH! He’s coming…

And I will say that it has helped me out a TON in my driving life (since I do so much driving for work). But my driving life isn’t on trial here so I’ll move on.

As my life progressed I began to realize that his little saying
“Don’t just look, see something” held greater power. I used it to begin noticing things that many people missed. Granted, I’ll admit I’m no Sherlock Holmes (though I sometimes feel like it) but it just makes life a ton easier if you can look around you and see what’s actually happening.I realize that you might be looking forward to some sort of anecdote or silly, 5 part harmony story to go along with this. But that’s foolish talk. Of course I have a couple stories I COULD  tell, but I’m just getting back into this thing… Don’t wanna pull a muscle. So instead I will opt to leave you simply with this. “Don’t just look, but see”. Pay attention to the world around you and you will begin to notice things that you never saw before. You’ll begin to see how people tick and think, then life REALLY gets fun. Being an aloof fool is a terribly boring life. But noticing things and learning from them makes like wonderful and fun. Well I should probably be going. I’ve been at this for a few hours now… I know, it’s sad but roll with it. More to come (soon, I hope).


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