The fall from purity

Let’s be honest, nothing on this earth is pure. It’s a filthy, dirty place, but we somehow still seem to assign the term “pure” to certain things. Snow forms around dirt and dust particles, as does rain. People are terrible no matter how nice they are and lets not even consider farm animals shall we? The thing is, as I said just moments before, that we still assign things and people as pure. Well one such person was Taylor Swift, she was seen as pure-ish by the masses (unless I missed something). Her music, while wrought with admissions of being awful at picking boyfriends, seemed innocent and… well… pure…..ish. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of her work, I felt like she was the newest in the business’ string of “young girl role models”. Young, talented (to some), entertaining and someone who wasn’t shooting up drugs or beating out rugs with kittens tied together. Though as does everything, her reputation began to become tarnished. Mainly due to the long string of boyfriends she had that ended badly, which resulted in songs of her failed loves. At any rate, it seems like this newest news has tipped the scales and will result in her imminent downfall from pureishness. Shall we? Good, let’s go.


Look at that innocent face... LOOK AT IT!!

Look at that innocent face… LOOK AT IT!!

I found out today, that Taylor Swift is going to be putting out a new album this year titles “1989” and had gone ahead and released a single from it called “shake it off”. Before I go into my personal feelings about the song itself I would like to pint out that, yes, technically, she was born in 1989. December of 1989. It’s not like she really DID anything in 1989. I mean, she slept, craped and screamed the entire time she was in 1989. So the album should be called “More like 1990”.  Now normally I would be all about the advice to shake it off. The illustrious “it” being haters/toxins/super villains/angry bees and the like of course. The thing is, it appears that the song says one thing while the video says a myriad of contradictions. Granted, they did put in the obligatory “cute nice girl” parts so that her OG fans wouldn’t be TOO alienated.

IT'S A BUNNY!!!!!!!

IT’S A BUNNY!!!!!!!

Hmmmmm… Maybe she’s being cute…. or… mayyyybe, she’s…..


definately struttin that ass.

definately struttin that ass.

Oh dear…. yet another young idol falling from grace… THE HORROR!!! Anyways, Going back to my original point, the words send a great message, keep doing your thing and let the world go on around you. With an undertone of not letting the world get you down and forcing you to conform. Of COURSE! Taylor Swift, the cute country singer/song writer who’s heart is pure and intentions true couldn’t possibly be swayed to figuratively bow to the demands and pressures of society to conform. she will stand fast. she will not be overtaken!

....well s#!t

….well s#!t

Or she’ll sell out and do her best to be “cool” which will most likely wind up with her falling into the dregs along with Miley Cyrus. Some of you may argue “No Cannibal, she was just trying to relate to everybody and get her message across”. Well to that I say FOOWEY! She’s fallen into the same trap as so many other. “you aren’t quite relevant enough to get your point across, so here, do these things to make people listen to you and all will be well”. So now she (possibly) has gotten herself into a new demographic of fans  who will hereby be expecting such things from her and in order to keep up her “street cred” she will be forced to continue down this road. So good job Taylor Swift, you just fashioned the vehicle of your demise… I hope it has cushioned seats.  Some of the rest of you who still aren’t convinced may say “Cannibal you need to chill. These are just innocent displays of fun and not letting the world tell you what to do, which is exactly what you’re doing”. OK, I might relent if such was the case, but I submit yet another piece of evidence.

the smell seems to be coming from down here...

the smell seems to be coming from down here…

What’s that you say? Just innocent fun? Well we all know that twerking is mandatory for there to be any “fun” in a music video. If there isn’t women vagina stroking the air, then there’s no fun to be had here. But what is she doing down there?  Hmmm.. I’m sure she just dropped a contact. Wait, she’s looking up so she’s not looking for a dropped object. Is she inspecting their vaginas? I mean, you can’t be Taylor Swift and have tampon strings flopping about in your video. Oh wait, they would check for that before the filming… hmmm. What is she doing down there? could it be…? Could it be that she’s just down there so the camera has a good excuse to right there in the twerking girls asses? AAAAAAAAAHHHH yes. She’s crawling around like some terrible lesbian creeper/cave gazer so the world can get a good solid look at women flapping their asses about in the hopes of driving up ratings/fans. It all makes sense now… Or.. maybe she’s saying that if you want to crawl around and look up girls incredibly short shorts, then go ahead. Hater gonna hate, you just participate… Do what? that’s illegal? Oh dear…. so you can’t go about looking for vaginas on the dance floor? Drat! I guess you’ll just have to settle for Taylor Swift’s rather convenient display in her music video. She’s so thoughtful! Now I will admit that there is a portion of the video with normal people dancing about and generally having a good time with no twerking or anything of the sort. just normal people dressed in normal clothes dancing to their hearts content…. for roughly 30 seconds… of a 4 minute video… at the end…. with other stuff spliced in as not to give the impression that it carried on for too long. Can’t have innocent fun showing on the screen for too long or we’ll lose the audience.  I think I’ve made my point. She’s a visionary! wait.. no, she’s falling to the dregs and would go faster if it meant more fame.

So I leave you all with this. What do you think about the song? Is it just innocent fun or is it a cry for attention? do you think she’s begun to slough off her so-called purity in search for fame? iI’d love to know what you think in the comments below.


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