A brand new start!

Have you every been going through your daily routine and had the most curious thought run through your mind? A thought that pulls you out of auto-pilot and makes your brain actually function for a bit? Of course you have! If you haven’t, well then, I’m convinced you are either a bowl of potato salad or a buffoon who need not venture forth. For this blog will (hopefully and with great intention) be filled with thoughts, ideas, ramblings and stories of all sorts. I envision posts of humor, information, passion, reviews and all manner of things. So come with me on our journey to a place of wonderment and glory seen only by the likes of majestic myth-type creatures.


And if that didn’t get your fancy-pants, frilly froofroo bits going then how’s this? Strap on your crazy waders, hold on to your ass and let’s do this!!!!



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